January 28, 2018

The Dude Rides!

The Dude Rides!

ATV Maintenance & Repair Tips

Dirt Trax Television takes a look at some common ATV Maintenance and Repair tips that every one should practice for safe and fun ATV riding. Tweet


How To Wheelie

ATV Action Magazine shows you how to wheelie your ATV. Knowing how to wheelie safely actually can come in handy if you have to get your ATV over an obstacle such as a log or a rock. Tweet

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Winterize Your ATV

This video is produced by Honda and shows some good tips on what you should do when you store your ATV over the winter months. Even though this is Honda specific, the tips are good for any brand of ATV. Tweet


How to Check for Clutch and Belt Wear on a Polaris ATV

Here is a great video from expertvillage that shows how to check for belt and clutch wear. For their example, they are showing a Polaris 500 X2 4×4. I didn’t realize that you could cause belt wear by leaving the transmission in gear while stopped with the engine running. Tweet

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What To Do if Water Gets in Your ATV’S Engine

I found this good article about what to do if you happen to get water in you ATV’s engine or submerge your ATV. Following these tips could save you a lot of money and headache. How To Get Water Out Of an Engine Tweet

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ATV Tracks Quick Installation


New Toys

ATV Track Kit Maintenance


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ATVDUDE on YouTube


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